Stationary Enables!

I am all about giving back especially when it comes to my own community. Too often I see major companies throwing out product, making tons of money and not putting it back into our communities. A couple years ago, I was shopping for school supplies for upcoming college courses. Of course like 98% of us I am an avid Target shopper! Going down the isle that holds pens, pencils, and paper I realized a lot of things were expensive and didn’t really have any personality to it. When I shop for stationary I kind of look for it to define me. I got all the way to the end of the isle and there it was. A whole section dedicated to Yoobi products! I was immediately drawn into the beautiful neon colors and fun shapes. The pencil bags that felt like fluffy rugs but also came in the shape of a mini backpack, the twisted erasers and fun shaped clipboards were like magnets to me. Needless to say all my school supplies I purchased were by their brand. I felt good walking out the store that day with two bags full of Yoobi items. This purchase was unlike others because everything I purchased went towards helping a classroom in need right in the US! That’s right! Every time you buy from this brand, it allows them to donate an item to a classroom. Just knowing that there are brands out there that are circled around the beauty of giving makes me extremely happy. Recently Yoobi collaborated with “I am Other”presented by Pharrell, which presents products that allow kids to realize their self worth. One of the many items in this line is a divider that says “I am” and has a blank space behind it for the owner to fill in the blank. Having school supplies that have positive self written messages to look at everyday is a constant reminder to believe. Believe in anything positive that drives you. The “I am Other” collaboration  made me fall even more in love with the Yoobi brand!  Below is their snapchat ID, simply screenshot and add them as a friend! Follow them on their Instagram page  ! Love for stationary. Stationary teaches. Stationary enables!

-XOXO Jessica

Photo Credit: @yoobi (Instagram.com)


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