How to Start a Successful Online Store!

The Paper Review will be posting a blog every week that answers a question and gives tips! 

In the planner community there are a ton of us who aspire to have a successful Etsy shop full of stickers, planners, and planner accessories. There’s so much competition but upon research I have come up with some key common denominators! 

Choose a good name! 

Choosing a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell not only helps you with branding but allows your customers to easily find you. Try to avoid names that require the customer to remember odd spellings and names that can’t be easily pronounced. There’s nothing like not knowing how to pronounce a store name or trying to tell someone where you got an item and the person you told hears the wrong thing. That’s not a good thing when using the “word of mouth” tool to get your brand noticed. On the other end, being unique when choosing a name is ok just review all aspects when settling. Questions to ask: Is this name easy to spell and pronounce? Can I make a decent logo around this name? Will this name be good with all branding avenues?  Does this name represent my brand? 

Set Goals! 

Setting goals for you store allows you to see progress. There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it. Goals give you something to look forward to as well as something to be proud of. When setting goals for your shop make sure they are attainable and make sense. For example, for my first month open I would like to sell at least 20 sticker pages. That’s not outlandish and it’s something that can be easily done with the right time and effort. 

Love what you do!

You can’t reach your highest potential without passion for what your doing. If you truley believe you can do something you will. Don’t let anything deter you from what you want to see happen with your business. Be mindful that becoming a big brand takes time and dedication. Figure out your niche and your strong points and run with them. 

Don’t try to follow suite! 

Let’s be honest, there are a ton of planner and stationary shops on Etsy and other websites. Everyone is selling stickers,  paper clip accessories, and planner inserts which is fine! How are you going to make yours different? In reference to this tip I wanted to mention an Etsy shop I found through Instagram. FabricMeetsPaper is a planner shop that makes handmade items out of fabric. The shop items range from planner bands, unique paperclips, and pen holders just to name a few. What made this company stand out to me were their unique bands and paperclips because I have never seen anything like them before. This is what I mean by taking what you see and making it your own!! For more about FabricMeetsPaper visit their Etsy shop and follow them on Instagram  !! 

Photo credit: @fabricmeetspaper (Instagram.com) 

Use Keywords and Know Your Audience!

Knowing who you want to appeal to is the biggest thing to decide. Are you appealing to moms who need to plan for their kids homework? You may want to think about making stickers that are specifically for homework organization. Are you appealing to teachers, college students, etc. find who your audience is and cater your business around them. That leads to my next tip which is asking your audience what they want to see from you. Being creative doesn’t always have to be done alone. Your biggest and most helpful inspiration should come from the customers, that way you always know they are happy with your content. 

When posting your items to your shop make sure to use keywords in the description area. This allows the site to make your store pop up when certain words are searched. For example, adding the keyword pink to my pink pineapple item I want to sell could help my item get noticed if the customer searched “pink planner accessories”. When tweeting or posting your promo to Instagram and Twitter, make sure to use hashtags that relate to your item and shop. Using hashtags like planner, and accessories are always good ones to put your items in their intended categories . 
I hope these quick and easy tips have helped you get an idea of where to start if you are thinking of starting a shop! Be sure to follow the blog for more weekly tips and tricks! 
-XOXO Jessica 

Sunflowers represent good luck, power, and lifting spirits! Good luck on your business endeavors! 

Photo Credit: @thepaperreview (Instagram.com) 


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