Holograms and Marble Anyone?

Holographic items are becoming more and more popular from backpacks to hats and purses. I myself love a holographic item because it reminds me of how the future was depicted when I was a kid growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  If you’ve seen the movie Zenon you know what I mean! When I stumbled across Hadron Epoch out of Los Angeles, the first item I saw was their 2017 holographic planner and I instantly fell in love. Putting the design on planners and notebooks is brilliant and unique. What drew me in to this company is the fact that they stand behind creating items that are unique and affordable that are also high quality. 

Photo credit: @hadronepochdesign (Instagram.com)

I love the fact that this stationary company creates pieces that coincide with the current trends. Their marble planner is everything especially considering the growing popularity with beauty blogger/vloggers on YouTube and Instagram with marble printed phone cases, laptop cases, and nails! Seeing marble print on stationary is new to me and I’m all for it! 

Photo credit: @hadronepochdesign (Instagram.com)

I not only love Hadron Epoch for their planners but I love the fact that they offer notebooks, phone cases, and many more dream items for stationary addicts like myself. Need a greeting card? They have it! Need a coaster? They have that too! Right now they are running a back to school sale, saving you 20% off your purchase. Use promo code “back2school”. 

Photo credit: @hadronepochdesign (Instagram.com)

Hadron Epoch has been spotted at craft shows such as Renegade Craft Fair LA and stationary shows such as the National Satationary Show in New York!  This company offers something for everybody. Whether you are a neutral person who likes to keep things simple or like me and you like for your personal items to tell a story about who you are, you are sure to find something on their website . Check out their Instagram page to keep up with the latest additions to their store and where you can find them next! 

I love you Hadron Epoch Los Angeles!

Photo credit: @hadronepochdesign (Instagram.com)

-XOXO Jessica 


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