Are You the Next Erin Condren?

Most of us who are in the planner community and sell stickers, inserts, or even handmade planners all aspire to have flourishing companies. I’m no expert when it comes to running a huge stationary and planner company. However, I do believe there are a couple of key things to do when starting your path to success.  

The first thing I would like to mention is research. Whenever I start anything new, I like to be the best I can be at it. Besides, no one ever truly becomes great without putting in the work. In order to be great at what you’re doing, it’s important to do your research to ensure your expertise when it comes to your craft. When people are assured someone knows what they are talking about, they are more likely to listen. Below are a few questions I thought were important to ask when determining what to learn about:

1. What am I trying to accomplish?

2. What companies or people have been successful in the same field?

3. How did the company succeed?

4. Is there any way I could get a mentor in this field?

5. When determining what product to sell, look at the margins for those items and learn how to set yourself apart. 

Social media is going to play a huge roll in marketing your business. I know, I know…posting on Instagram and Twitter are common sense, right? But I recently learned that posting to Pinterest is huge when it comes to planners and stationary. Pinterest offers cooking recipes, DIY home projects, and many other things women find interesting making the app naturally saturated in a female following. Most planner, sticker, and stationary buyers are women making Pinterest the perfect platform for marketing your items.  

1. Make your social media posts unique

2. Come up with a theme for your Instagram. For example, give each picture a blue hue or a white border. Themes make Instagram pages look more appealing and tend to get more followings solely based off the look. Take a look at @blatantlyblue and @featherandcrumb for visual examples of what I’m talking about. 

Photo Credit: @blatantlyblue (Instagram.com)

Photo Credit: @featherandcrumb (Instagram.com)

3. Posting on multiple social media sites gives you a broader spectrum to broadcast your brand. 

The biggest tip I could ever give someone is to stay true to who you are. If you believe in a product, don’t worry about what others think you should do. I read an article about Erin Condren who is very prevalent in the planner community. In the interview Erin, talks about how she knew technology was prevailing in the world of planning but like her, she knew there were moms who still preferred the pen and paper scratch-it-off-technique. She was right! Erin Condren went from 1,000 planners sold in a year to 1,000 planners sold in a day! 

Keep at what you do and you will see the results! Any and everyone is capable of having a successful business but putting the work in will make that a reality! 

-XOXO Jessica 


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