Lettering Anyone??

I absolutely admire anyone who has beautiful, perfect handwriting as this is an area I struggle in. Because of my lack of good penmanship, I envy those of you who create such amazing planner spreads that shine because of your lettering skills. 

If you’re looking for great artists to follow or learn from, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I’m going to shed light on a planner girl/YouTuber and a calligraphy artist with amazing skills that will give you inspiration and teach you how to create gorgeous lettering of your own. 

Becca Courtice is an amazing artist with beautiful calligraphy and lettering skills. On her website she offers amazing tips for writing, such as finding the right gold pen for your project and finding the perfect brush pen for different techniques. Her Etsy Shop offers handwritten and hand drawn personal items for events and sentimental value. If you live in Ottawa, Canada, you’re in luck! Becca offers workshops for group teaching as well as private workshops for more focused learning. Check out her Instagram Page  for lettering style inspiration and how-to’s. 

A Paperella Story  was created by a young, extremely talented, 17-year-old artist named Julia. She has an online store where she sells printable and ready to peel stickers. Julia’s YouTube Channel is where I saw the art of lettering for the first time. In one of her videos, she talks about how practicing has made a world of difference when it comes to her art and it surely shows in her planning and bullet journaling. If you are looking for video tutorials on how to learn lettering, check out her channel! 

In order to be great at what you do, you have to practice. I hope that these two amazing ladies can help keep you inspired and informed on your lettering journey. Be sure to check out examples below of Becca’s and Julia’s beautiful artistry. As always, happy planning, and remember stationery makes the world go round! 

-XOXO Jessica 

Photo Credit: @thehappyevercrafter (Instagram.com)

Photo Credit: @apaperellastory (Instagram.com) 


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