Graphic Design Queen! 

Graphic design is something I always wanted to get into. Having creative freedom to design your own stationery is a dream come true for most of us planner addicts. 

Clipboard designed by Kristen Newman 

Photo Credit: @kristennewmandesigns (Instagram.com)

Kristen Newman, based out of California, is a graphics designer with a passion for redesigning anything she can get her hands on. Her amazing talents have led her to partner with Ross and Walmart giving her a huge platform for her beautiful stationery. 

Journals found in Ross 

Photo Credit: @kristennewmandesigns (Instagram.com) 

Recently, Kristen has released new designs created for Ross and Walmart. Her back to school collections include marble and striped journals that are totally on trend as well as her signature geometric journals and clipboards. Along with her beautiful stationery, Kristen offers designs for magazine layouts, store signage, and brand identity. Her education from California State University Long Beach has really paid off. Her Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Creative Writing has earned her an amazing client list.

Products found in Ross 

Photo Credit: @kristennewmandesigns (Instagram.com) 

Products found in Walmart 

Photo Credit: @kristennewmandesigns (Instagram.com)

For more information about Kristen and to see more of her beautiful work, please visit her website and her Instagram page.

Stay original and true to your art! 

-XOXO Jessica 


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