Pretty Blue Sky!

Blue Sky is a planner company based out of Southern California with over fifteen thousand Instagram followers. They specialize in dated planners, calendars, and notebooks. Their beautiful, high-quality creations are crafted by designers who all bring something unique to their products. 

Photo Credit: Instagram @blueskyplanners 

Some of my favorite designs are by one of Blue Sky’s newest designers, Ashley Goldberg. With gold foil finishes growing more popular everyday, Ashley couldn’t have created more perfect detailing for her line. If you couldn’t tell by now, my favorite colors are pink, gold, and teal. The watercolor designs with gold foil detailing are absolutely beautiful! 

Photo Credit: Instagram @blueskyplanners

Ashley Goldberg is just one of Blue Sky’s amazingly talented designers. Ampersand, Dabney Lee, Day Designer, Egg Press, Hable, Lotta Jansdotter, Nicole Miller, and Senn & Sons all have ideas and beautiful creations that make it easy for anyone to find something that makes planning that much more fun. 

Photo Credit: Instagram @blueskyplanners

These beautiful, fun, unique prints can be found at Bluesky.com. If you’re not an online shopper, don’t worry! Blue Sky products can also be found at FedEx Office, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Target, and Walmart. 

For more art designs from Ashley Goldberg, please follow her on Instagram. Be sure to follow Blue Sky to stay up to date on new releases.  



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