Studio Oh! 

The other day I was looking for a notebook to start bullet journaling. My go-to for shopping online is always Amazon. I usually find things easily on Amazon, but this time I wasn’t having luck finding what I had in mind. 

After a lot of searching (and I mean A LOT!), I finally found the perfect journal that would make it exciting to pick up a pen and start writing. Although the journal was beautiful, I wanted to keep looking to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I came across more and more beautiful designs and noticed they were all by the company Studio Oh!.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com (@studiooh)

Studio Oh! is a company out of California that specializes in journals, notebooks, notecards, planners, address books, and more! If you need a stationery item, I’m sure they have what you’re looking for. Their stationery can be found in most book stores as well as stationery and gift shops. Of course, you can also look on Amazon.com. 

WIf you’re looking for a calendar, you can find their calendar line at Orangecirclestudio.com

My favorite thing about Studio Oh! products is that they have very positive sayings. The product that really caught my eye was a journal that had “Something Beautiful is on the Horizon” on the cover. I have been studying the law of attraction lately so this positivity is right up my alley! 

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

I highly recommend Studio Oh! if you are looking for stationery that is unique, beautiful, and uplifting. For more on this stationery company, please follow them on Instagram and visit their Website

Photo Credit: Instagram.com (@studiooh)

Let your stationery be as unique as you are! 
XOXO Jessica 


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