Kate Spade 2017

After months… literally months of searching for the right planner for 2017, I finally found the perfect one! Finding the Kate Spade 2017 Agenda was completely unexpected. I was watching YouTube videos on organization and planner tips when I stumbled across a video that featured the most beautiful design I’ve seen in a while. This planner has everything I’ve been looking for: a hard cover to protect the spiral bound agenda, a front pocket for all of my important loose documents, and note sections throughout. If you’re interested in my full review of this agenda, keep reading!

Photo Credit: amazon.com 

I want to mention the cover design first. The planner I chose is the Floral Conceal Spiral Large edition. This agenda has a gorgeous white cover with a red, green, and black floral design. The lettering is gold with a black elastic band to hold the agenda together. When you open the agenda, there is a light pink pocket where you can hold loose papers and important documents. This is a 17-month agenda so getting it now will not give you the full value for your money but if you don’t mind losing some months from 2016, no problem! Having a note section in the beginning of the planner and included in each month was important for me. I use the front note section to write down random thoughts as well as things I know I have to get done throughout the course of the year. The notes included in each month are used for things that are important for that month. For example, my daughter is turning a year old at the beginning of February so I’m using the January notes section to plan her first birthday party! The Kate Spade agenda has monthly and weekly views which is very important for a planner like me. I have to be able to see my month at a glance as well as fill in my time day-to-day. I am trying to get better at planning my days by the hour and there is plenty of space for this.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Overall, I believe this planner could work for every type of planner girl out there. If you are a planner who likes to use stickers and sticky notes, I know you would be able to utilize the space on the daily pages accordingly. If you’re a more simple planner like me and like to use lists or hourly planning methods, this planner is perfect for you! Because I’m not doing as much with my time during the day like I originally planned, I wish I would have purchased the mini version with less space but I will surely make use of the space I have chosen to work with!

The Kate Spade New York Agenda can be found at Macy’s, Amazon, katespade.com, and other online retailers. I highly recommend checking them out!!
A flower flourishes because it is already aware at an early stage of the stage when it blooms. Bloom girl!
-XOXO Jessica


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