Rebecca Eichten 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com

As I was scrolling through my timeline looking for new art and inspiration for a new blog post, everything I came across I’d either seen before or didn’t give me much motivation. When I write, I want my words to be free-flowing and free of a forced story. That’s when I found Rebecca Eichten and was immediately drawn to and inspired by her work. How fitting her whole being was to my reason for writing! 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com

Rebecca Eichten is a 27-year-old artist born and raised in San Diego, California. Her love of cacti and succulents is what helps her create such beautiful art. Rebecca has products ranging from pillows to calendars and now features beautiful hand-designed greeting cards in her “Magic” collection! 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com

For a limited time, enjoy her 15% off sale on her website  using code “SALE17”. 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com

Follow Rebecca on Instagram  for updates on new releases and classes, as well as inspiration from her beautiful posts! 

Being a creator starts with an idea and is finished with faith! 

-XOXO Jessica 



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