Mossery Co. 

Customizing is one of my most favorite things to do. I am constantly looking for ways to change things and make them feel brand new again. It gets really bad when it comes to my phone because I’m always looking for new phone cases to refresh the look and feel of my iPhone 7 Plus. Just when I thought I found the perfect case, I find myself right back on Amazon looking for another one that has a little more pink or a little more bulk, etc. 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @mosseryco

When I’m looking for any product, it’s important that I get the feeling that it was made just for me. Mossery Co. drew my attention because of its highly customizable products. 

Mossery Co. offers planners that are also notebooks with the option to choose everything from the cover to the font and having the option to choose ruled or grid paper for your notebook section. The company also allows you to put your name on the cover of your choosing. 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @mosseryco 

The planner includes a personal details page, 7 illustration pages, two inspiration board spreads, goals and values page, 2017 and 2018 annual calendars, ribbon bookmark and elastic strap for secure closure, as well as the monthly planner inserts. 

 Right now with any order $45 or more, you will receive a set of postcards that are specially made just for you!! These unique postcards are foil embossed and one of a kind as they will never be printed again! 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @mosseryco

 If you’re looking for something unique, customizable and affordable, I highly recommend checking out Mossery Co.! For more info, please be sure to check out their website  and Instagram

 Remember, there is nobody else like you and that’s the most amazing part of who you are! 

 XOXO Jessica 


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