Dream Stationery!

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @kristelraymundo
I absolutely love the feeling that I get when I take a photo and edit it and it comes out exactly how I envisioned it. The fact that no one else can create what I did is what makes it so special. I am a true artist in that right, so naturally I am drawn to other artists. Whether it be a painting, photography, or drawing, I can spend hours looking at different forms of art. 
 Photo Credit: Instagram.com @kristelraymundo

Kristel Raymundo is an artist based out of the Philippines specializing in hand painted clip art, digital paper packs, and printable stickers. Her beautiful products range anywhere from cool tropical designs to trendy fashion images. 

With over 180 items to choose from, it’s so hard to not stay on her Etsy Shop filling your cart for hours! Some of my favorite images include her new Tropical Summer, Boho Princess, Music Singer and Summer Ocean collections.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @kristelraymundo

I have never seen any work like these Kris Dreams products. With her 5 star rating, over five thousand sales and almost two thousand votes for favorite Etsy shop, I know I’m not the only one who highly recommends her products!

Be sure to visit her Etsy Shop and follow her Instagram!!

 Don’t be afraid to live colorfully!

 -XOXO Jessica


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