How to Use Your Stationery

Ok, so I know I’m not the only one who sees cute stationery or a cute planner and purchases them without having a real reason! Can you relate? Whenever I buy something I have to justify it with good reason, although there never really is at the time of purchase.

When I look at purchases made by my fellow planner and stationery lovers, I find it interesting to see what they use them for as it gives me inspiration for my personal items. So, I want to talk about a few items I own and what I use them for.

The first item I want to mention is my first aid kit. When I purchased my super cute, fun, and colorful first aid kit from Target, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. To me, my pens, washi tape, hole puncher, and stickers are all emergency planner items so my kit case was perfect! I have even deemed it “The Emergency Planner Essentials Kit”. The kit case holds a lot and is good for travel because it’s so compact. I’ve already had people tell me they loved the idea and have found old emergency kit cases and revamped them into fabulous personalized planner emergency kits!

The next item is also from Target. I found a pretty pink and white polka dot notebook from the Dollar Spot in Target but, at the time didn’t know what I wanted to use it for. Eventually I decided to use it as my work notebook. In this notebook I made a list of times from 7am to 11pm and listed what to do each hour of the day. Being a mother, an entrepreneur and full time business woman, I have to make sure things get done so that I don’t fall behind. I list the little things as well like eating breakfast and working out because I do get busy enough most days to forget. I also like to write my business ideas in this book so that I don’t forget good things to write about on the blog, or good content for photo shoots and videography.

I have a binder that looks just like the notebook that I also use for work but more for a learning experience. Here is where I store any research I need to do for work. As I said in my previous post “Are You the Next Erin Condren”, I like to make sure that whatever it is I’m doing in life I know enough about the subject to feel like an expert. There’s never too much knowledge to gain.

I have separated the binder into sections. In one of the sections, I keep definitions. I like to look up and study terms that pertain to what I’m trying to accomplish. I also have a separate notes section where I record notes from different tutorials and online articles that will help me in the future. Honestly this binder is like a college textbook of self taught information and skills.

Last but not least is my beautiful Pink Websters Pages Color Crush Planner . I use this planner for all of my personal to do’s. Any doctor appointments, house chores, work schedules, and events go in this planner! Recently I have been removing the calendar pages that are included with the planner and replacing them with black card stock. Using a white Gelly Roll Gel Pen as my writing utensil allows for a chalkboard effect. I first saw the chalkboard effect on @apaperellastory Instagram Page and I’ve been in love with it ever since. In the future I will be looking into the A5 size planners so that I can have a little more room for adding inserts. I also found that I have used inserts I’ve added more than the ones that come included with the binder so buying the binder alone and having a variety of colors and designs is more my style.

When buying stationery I believe there should always be purpose to use it even if that means donating to a local school or gifting at a planner party. I use to buy notebooks, pens, and other stationery products and they just piled up. Now, I try to have reason to everything I collect. It’s a hard battle with all the cute planners and notebooks out there but a little discipline goes a long way!

-XOXO Jessica


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