Get Your Stationery Noticed! Here’s How

In a world filled with a growing passion for digital goods and online stores it can be easy to forget about the more traditional options of promoting your products. Here are a couple of ways to aid in self promotion.

While shopping for signature cookies at a town plaza, I noticed a new stationery and gift shop had just opened up. I decided to go in and there I met the owner and one of the artists who supplied their products for the store. After asking a few questions I found out that they allowed pretty much anyone with stationery, art or specialty gifts to either host their products or leave their business cards right in the front of the shop.

Business cards and flyers are still very important even in the age of digital posts and emails. Some of our audiences are not tech savvy or would rather have the real thing in their hands.

Tip! Design your business cards whether you reach out to a graphic designer, find a local printing shop or design them yourself. My favorite way to get my business cards is by using a service called Canva. You can design so many different things from posters, blog posts, logos and even your customized business cards.

I will go into further detail about this service in my next blog post!

Tradeshows such as the National Stationery Show are put in place for buying executives and store owners to come and look for trending paper products, invitations, journals and anything along those lines you can think of. They are looking for the next big thing to put in their stores allowing you the possibility of fulfilling huge orders placed for your products as well as exposure to the industry.

Many stationery owners become successful from tradeshows for example the duo I mentioned in my previous blog How to Start a Stationery Company.

The National Stationery Show is the only stationery market in North America. It’s located in New York and is usually held every May. I highly recommend going to the show if you’re wanting to get into the industry. If you’re ready to showcase your products rent a booth! The link below will take you to the application.


Attendee Registration and Credentials


* Design your business cards and flyers. Go out and find different stationery and gift shops that allow you to keep your business cards there.

* Talk to different stationery company owners for networking opportunities and tips on how they started their companies.

* Attend or showcase at tradeshows. The National Stationery Show is the only of its kind in North America but there are tons of tradeshows around the world and some that may be more local to you. Just search for stationery shows and you’ll find dates times and locations.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Remember that everything is a work in progress but with consistency and hard work everything is possible.

Be sure to follow the National Stationery Show on Instagram and sign up for the Paper Clips newsletter on their website to stay up to date with the latest on previous and upcoming shows.

Follow The Paper Review on Instagram to stay up to date on new posts about trending products and helpful tips.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

– Jessica


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