Stationery Trends of 2017

From simplistic solid colored stationery with the signature gold foil lettering to patterned cacti and geometrical marble covered notebooks, I have been loving the trends of 2017 stationery. The fruit, the tropical themes and unique color choices have had me ready to buy almost everything I’ve seen this year.

The thing I love most about the stationery this year is all the positive quotes. Things like “Goals”, “You Got This”, “Happiness” and “Like What You Love” to name a few are just enough to keep you inspired through your day.

Here are some links to trendy stationery that caught my eye and made me want to see more!

Rifle Paper Co.

Photo Credit: riflepaperco.com

Kristen Newman Designs

Photo Credit: Instagram.com @kristennewmandesigns

Hadron Epoch

Photo Credit: hadronepoch.com


Photo Credit: instagram.com @kikki.k

Sweet William

Photo Credit: instagram.com @sweetwilliamprints

I look forward to seeing what’s in store, quite literally, for the world of stationery in 2018!

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Stay creative and keep dreaming!



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