A New Innovative Way to Charge Your Devices

Most of us can’t leave home without our phones. We work on them, stay in touch with family and friends and pass time playing games or searching Pinterest for dinner ideas. Most times we are in such a rush to make it to work on time that we forget things that help us get through the day like our phone chargers.

Kikki.K is changing the way we plan. The company blew my mind when they introduced their planner that is not only chic and well built, but it can also charge your phone! That’s right if you’re in a meeting or planning tomorrow’s busy productive day and need your phone right there this is the perfect product for you!

Photo Credit: Kikki-k.com

To add to this innovative design, Kikki. K also offers a clutch that will charge your phone as well as a travel wallet. Never go sight seeing, on a night out with friends or to a football game with a low battery again!

Photo Credit: Kikki-k.com

These items are only available in select stores right now so check in with your nearest location today!

Follow Kikki.K on Instagram for the latest on their innovative products and follow The Paper Review blog as well as our Instagram to stay up to date with stationery and phone case trends and reviews!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

-XOXO Jessica


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