The Aesthetic Printable Planner that Everyone Needs

I get so excited when I see a uniquely designed planner that allows its users to get the most out of it. Ziua Design is an aesthetic digital planner company based out of Los Angeles, California and their products do just that!

These digital planners, in my opinion, are the perfect version of a productivity planner. Being a mother and business owner I am constantly trying to plan my days to ensure I’m getting everything done in the most effective way.

Ziua’s beautifully designed planners are broken down into sections that are specific to your task. Starting a project? Use the Project digital planner to plan that project in a way that will lead to perfect execution.

Photo By Ziua Design

These planners are also catered towards students. Use the study planner to stay on top of your assignments and due dates. I find it very important to have a strategic plan when getting yourself through school and this planner is the perfect aid in doing so.

Photo By Ziua Design

Ziua Designs offers many different colors and designs as well as topics such as mood trackers, daily to-do lists, health, and finance trackers. Each template is brilliantly designed to keep you on track without missing a beat!

Photos By Ziua Design

Whether you are a business mom like me, a student, or just someone trying to make the most out of your day I highly recommend these digital planners! They are very affordable and are available to you literally at the click of a button!

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Thanks for reading and sharing!

-XOXO Jessica


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