Paper V.S. App

I remember talking to my mom about how I love writing in a planner. The feeling of physically crossing out a completed task has no description that would do it justice. The feeling of pen to paper is unmatched and yet there are people who feel the complete opposite.

My mom explained to me that she would much rather use her apps and the IOS calendar to keep her on track with her daily tasks. She likes the idea of having an alarm to remind her of things and the ability to view the same plans across multiple devices.

I have tried to use digital planners in the past and they never last that long on my iPhone. The main reason behind that is because of the ability to hit snooze on the task reminders. I find that while using an app does keep me aware of the things I need to do, it also helps me push things back which doesn’t make for the most productive day.

There are some planners that will use both a digital todo list along side their paper planners in which case I recommend the following:

1. MinimaList  is a todo list that allows you to scratch tasks off on screen. You can set reminders and use different color options to customize the look and feel of your space.

2. Mindly  is an amazing mind mapping app that allows you to take your ideas and break them down into categories. This is a really good app that helps your brainstorm and execute your plans.

Paper will always win my heart over digital planners however I do find it useful to use both in certain situations.

What’s your preference? What apps do you use to aid in your planning? Leave a comment below!

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Thank you for reading and sharing!

-XOXO Jessica


2 thoughts on “Paper V.S. App”

  1. You can check out my blog: I’ve used paper planners mostly, but did try out apps for a few years. I have to say that the paper planners win, for me. However, I do like to have appointments and schedules on an app, so that it can remind me when it’s time to go, or join a teleconference.


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