I’m Dreaming of a Colorful Christmas


Who said Christmas had to be red and green with white snowflakes and traditional Christmas trees? Let’s brighten things up a bit with Kailo Chic!!


Photo Credit: kailochic.com

Every year the hunt is on for the perfect wrapping paper. The go to has been gold foil or wrapping paper saturated with Santa Clause heads and reindeers. Kailo Chic is breaking all the barriers. These gorgeous prints will add a unique look to your Christmas layout and is sure to be a conversation starter at your holiday parties during the gift exchange!



Photo Credit: kailochic.com

These matte 20” x 29” sheets of wrapping paper are the perfect blend of holiday staples with a look that is best described as bright, fun and well…chic! Pair this selection of amazingly designed wrapping paper with a white Christmas tree decked with gold ornaments and you’re sure to earn the title for best holiday decorator this year!


Photo Credit: kailochic.com

To make even more of a statement at your holiday gathering, shake things up with the Confetti Filled Cocktail Shaker !


Photo Credit: kailochic.com

To spice up your holiday gifts visit Kailochic.com  for more products, DIY’s and beautiful decor!

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