6th Day of Holiday Giving

Day 6 and counting! Today’s idea is from the brand X&O Paper Goods. Last month the company released the cutest pens sure to keep you enthusiastic about writing your thoughts and ideas down in your favorite journal!

Choose from the bright “Write” collection or the as I call it the “Affirmation” collection full of beautiful pastel colors.

Having something reminding you of how awesome you are or encouraging you to write your heart out literally at your fingertips is enough to get anyone through a tough day!

The pastel pens include the following quotes:

“You are brave”

“You are bright”

“You are beautiful”

“You are bold”


The bright pens include the following quotes:


“Write Away!”

“Write Here!”

“Write Now!”

“Write On!”


Pair these perfect stocking stuffers with a beautiful notebook or planner and you my friend have made your stationery loving friend or family member a happy camper this holiday season!

 For more info please visit X&O Paper Goods online and follow this stationery company on Instagram!


To stay up to date on the Holiday Gift Giving Series, be sure to follow The Paper Review as well as our Instagram!


Thanks for reading and sharing!




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