8th Day of Holiday Giving: Anthropologie


Welcome back to The Paper Review for our holiday gift idea series! In case you are new here, we are posting a gift idea a day through Christmas Eve. Today’s gift idea? Anthropologie!

Anytime I visit my local Anthropologie I am instantly drawn to their book and stationery  area. I’m not sure if it’s the presentation or my overwhelming love for stationery that kicks in but, once I’m there I never want to leave.

Here are a few of my favorite items all of which can be found online! I hope one of these items find their way onto your gift giving list this holiday season!!

Moonlit Garden Planner

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

Zodiac Journal

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

Casemate Brilliance iPhone Case

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

Saddle Ring Desk Collection

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

Metallic 2018 Desk Calendar

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

Mabel Journal

Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

To be honest if I could add the whole inventory of stationery from Anthropologie I would, however for reading purposes I’ve narrowed them down!

Please visit Anthropologie  for more stationery and book items! Follow them on Instagram!

For more from The Paper Review and the Holiday Giving series please follow our blog as well as our Instagram!

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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