10th Day of Holiday Giving: POPFLEX Stationery


We are ten days into December already and it’s time for another gift idea! This gift idea is good for all the fitness lovers in your life who want to keep track of their fitness journey.

POPFLEX was started by Cassey Ho who’s ideas have been turned into reality to bring you top notch workout gear for half the price. Along with her beautiful yoga clothing , she’s created beautiful stationery such as a planner, desktop calendars, stickers and a fitness journal.

Photo Credit: popflexactive.com
Photo Credit: popflexactive.com

The 2018 Planner includes to-do lists, water and habit trackers, a space for planning breakfast lunch and dinner and much more. This planner is everything you need to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Photo Credit: popflexactive.com
Photo Credit: popflexactive.com

If you want to get serious about your fitness and health, The 12 week fitness journal includes tools to guide you. Keep a record of your groceries, progress reports, body measurements and more!

Photo Credit: popflexactive.com
Photo Credit: popflexactive.com

If you can’t tell already, most of my gift ideas are centered around making and keeping goals. Let’s stay inspired this holiday season and work to keep others in the same spirit!

For more visit POPFLEX  online and follow on Instagram!

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