14th Day of Holiday Giving: Hype Backpacks


It’s the 14th Day of December and The Paper Review is bringing you a gift idea from a pretty cool company called Hype. !

I know growing up whenever we went school supply shopping, the backpack was just as important as the notebook! I always wanted my backpack to make a statement as to who I was or my interest. Even now I have an unbreakable bond with my love for backpacks.

Photo Credit: Instagram @hypebags

While on Pinterest looking for inspiration for gifts to give my family members, I came across Hype Bags  and thought it’d be perfect to share!

Backpacks are all the rage this year, whether used for school, baby bags and even a replacement to your heavy shoulder bag.

Hype backpacks are practical and come in many different unique designs. While your there, feed into your stationery addiction and pick up a pencil case for a stocking stuffer!

Photo Credit: Instagram @hypebags

To learn more about Hype and the other products they offer be sure to visit them online and on Instagram!

To stay up to date with our Holiday Giving series, be sure to follow us on the blog and Instagram!

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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