15th Day of Holiday Giving: RemindArt


Only 10 more more days until Christmas and we are bringing you another gift idea!

RemindArt was created to remind people to do things that get them closer to living the life they desire through love. The vision is to help people keep their ambitions and achievements in the forefront through positive thinking.

RemindArt’s products are quit literally a reminder to keep positive thinking at the top of your day and allow it to guide you through everything you do.

Choose from beautiful frames and posters, to motivating stationery.

Plan Set

The plan set includes an A4 deskpad and a 21cm x 6cm notepad each including 52 sheets. This beautiful set is finished with gold foil stamping.

Photo Credit: remindart.com

Productivity Set

The productivity set  includes  2 sheets of gold foil stickers, an A4 deskpad and a 21cm x 6cm notepad each including 52 sheets. The productivity set is also finished in gold foil stamping.

Photo Credit: remindart.com

Inspire Yourself

Stay inspired with this beautiful black and gold notebook by writing down your goals. When we write things down, our brain is able to see it on paper which helps us attain our goals better. Think about it, have you ever written down your dream car and now everywhere you turn you see that same model car? It’s your brain remembering it saw that same car somewhere before so it has to be important which makes that car stand out to you. The more you see the car, the more you will want to do everything you can to get it. Write down your goals!

Photo Credit: remindart.com

My Daily Fulfillment

Showing gratitude  is one of the best things we can do. Taking a moment to reflect on the good things in your life can really help turn your mood around and put things into perspective. Whenever you have those moments take the time to write them down!

Photo Credit: remindart.com

These are just a few of the wonderful products RemindArt offers. For more inspiration, visit their Website and Instagram!

Be sure to join us here at The Paper Review for more holiday gift ideas and follow us on Instagram!

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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