22 Days of Holiday Giving: The Happy Planner Kit


With the holidays right around the corner, I decided to make today’s gift idea one that can be purchased in store!

Gift sets are always really cool ideas to give as gifts for the holiday season because they come with multiple items. The Happy Planner Mini Box Kit  from Michaels is the perfect gift for someone who is just stepping into the Planner world!

Photo Credit: Michaels.com

The kit includes:

1 Disc Bound undated 12 month Planner
12 dividers
4 sticker sheets
3 sticky note pads
1 folder
1 magnetic bookmark

Photo Credit: Michaels.com

The Happy Planner kit comes in black and white with beautiful gold foil and all of these items for just $13.49! Prices may vary by location.

Photo Credit: Michaels.com

If you can’t find this exact kit, Michaels usually has multiple amazing kits so make sure to ask someone at your local store!!

For more information please visit Michaels online !

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Thanks for reading and sharing!



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