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Interview With Creator of Patience By Faith


Over the holidays, we had the pleasure of speaking with the creator of Patience By Faith a planner shop that focuses on religion, gender equality, and the right to educate girls.

These spiritually uplifting planners include a quote for each day of the year that inspires women to pursue their dreams while being empowered by faith.

I’m am so happy to share with you our interview segment with the beautiful soul, Alejandra.

Photo Credit: Patience By Faith

Tell us a little about your brand and the products you offer.

“Patience by Faith is a fresh online shop that sells planners.

There are five designs, each of them represents a religion with a particular colour and its own festive days as well as international days.

They promote gender equality, equality of religion and the right to education for girls.

Each day of the year is represented by different quotes that try to empower women to pursue their dreams while being empowered by their belief and faith in themselves.”

How did your brand get started?

“I remember perfectly the day. On the 26th January 2017, all of a sudden the idea came across my mind. I felt and knew this project was meant to be. Since then, I spent every single day designing the planners from my computer, I spent the whole Summer working to finance by myself the production and finally, when I went back to England to keep my university studies, I started the brand.”

Photo Credit: Patience By Faith

Why are you passionate about stationery?

“Since I was little I have always been passionate about stationery. I could go with my mother to a shop and spend hours there. I am a really organised and creative person, so stationery has always been for me the best way to express and give creativity to my mind.”

Where can we buy your products?

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their stationery company?

“Pursue your dreams and take the risk of trying. There is always someone out there that shares your ideas and values.”

Where can we find more information about your company and what are your social media’s?


Photo Credit: Patience By Faith

This was an amazing opportunity to hear from Alejandra owner and creator of Patience By Faith. We hope that her products leave you uplifted and inspired. Her products are a prime example of the importance of keeping paper alive in a digital world!

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