It’s Cold Outside, Bring the Tropics to Your Office


For most places, it’s cold outside, the sun isn’t out in its full capacity and we are patiently awaiting our summer. It may be drafty outside but that doesn’t mean your office has to be. Turn up the heat in your office with these tropical stationery finds!

Officeworks Will Work for You

Officeworks is an Australian based office supply company specializing in providing their customers with supplies that help them keep their companies flourishing. With products ranging from office supplies, ink toner and furniture and services such as copy and print, this company is able to cater to anyone looking to create a look of professionalism and customize their image.


Trendy Stationery

Summer 2017 stationery trends brought us prints of palm trees and luscious fruits. Those trends don’t have to end just because summer did. The Palms Otto sold by Officeworks is a collection that was launched in 2017 but we can’t seem to get over the beautiful prints and products! Shop the collection for pen cups, A5 notebooks, storage boxes and more. Nature never goes out of style!



What are some of your favorite stationery prints? What are you looking forward to seeing from your favorite companies in 2018?


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