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How Buying a Handbag Changes the World

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We want to tell stories about brands that tell a story, have a purpose and make an impact.

In any capacity, giving back is the ultimate good deed for humanity. As a student, business woman or mother you always need something to carry your stationery and other daily essentials. What if you could do what you love, if that entails shopping, and give back at the same time?

We’d like to talk about Lauren Bush Lauren, founder of social business, FEED. Lauren turned the idea of buying products such as accessories and clothes into what is now a nutrition provider for places like Chad, Cambodia and Guatemala.

“When a child is given a free, nutritious school lunch, it can break the cycle of poverty she was born into and empower her to change her own life.”

Know exactly how your purchase is helping children around the world.

“Hunger is a solvable problem, and every time you buy a FEED product, you are participating in the solution.”

Before you even buy a bag or accessory , the product you are looking at tells you exactly how many meals your purchase will provide. So often we buy from companies that donate, but how often do we know whats going on after we hit the button to complete our order?

“Hunger is a daily reality for 795 million people around the world.”

But it doesn’t have to be!

The moment of impact starts with us. Us as in people who have the ability to share with others gaining rights to say we helped shape a better tomorrow.

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By providing meals at school, communities are also able to aid in fixing education issues. Most children only have one meal a day and that meal is the lunch they receive at school. When there is a lack of nutrition, other health factors come about. Hunger is the number one risk to health in the world, beating out AIDS, and the cure and preventative measures already lie within us.

Lauren set out with a purpose in 2007 to get others involved in the fight against world hunger.

With over 100 million meals provided, FEED is breaking the barriers and doing their part to help humanity.

This is where you can learn more about FEED


This is how you can help!

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