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Interview With Stationery Company: There’s a Book for That


Whether you’re a fashion designer, photographer, manager or architect There’s a Book for That has you covered! This stationery company specializes in creating books that cater to all occupations,  aiding in productivity for any project.

The Paper Review wrote about There’s a Book for That during our Holiday Gift Giving series back in December and we were lucky enough to snag an interview with Oliver Ottner, “The guy with the idea, layouts and concept”.

To learn more about this company and their story, check out the interview below!

Photo Credit: @abookforthat


TPR: ” Tell us a little about your brand and the products you offer.”


While there is no shortage of notebooks in every color, size and material imaginable, most of them ignore the content pages, the stationery.

We came up with the idea to design and predefine the “grid” – fitting specific needs and perfectly thought through.

We designed the structure so you can focus on what really matters – the content, your content.

Now we‘re offering 28 notebooks to help structure and organize work, life and passion.

Photo Credit: @abookforthat
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That

TPR: ” How did your brand get started?”

O. Ottner: ” We were not happy with most of the products the market offered.

We started with custom self printed sheets – to get our mockups done and present our agency/and design- pitches.

Around two years ago we had the idea to print a set of dedicated books, still for ourselves, to get a more professional feeling when presenting to clients.

That’s how it started – we decided to go bold with the idea and, maybe 4 hours later, had a list of custom notebooks for around 40 usecases 🙂

Two years and a lot of discussion with printers and bookbinders later, we launched in Dec. 17.”

With a beautiful selection of colors to choose from, your book will speak to your personality making it that much more fun to use.

Photo Credit: @abookforthat


TPR: ” Why are you passionate about stationery?”

O. Ottner: ” Note sure. It’s the paper, it’s the haptic, the feeling, creating something that “stays”. We’re strong in the digital market too, but it’s all fluid, nothing has substance so to say.”

TPR: ” In your opinion, why is it important to keep physical stationery goods thriving in a digital world?”

O. Ottner: ” Writing and sketching,  enables you to separate concept from details, helps you untangle the messiness and concentrate on the big picture.

We think more deeply with a pen, seeing things more clearly. And, it’s way faster than handling an app, face it 🙂

Only a real book, supports you to capture as many thoughts as possible, while spending as little time as possible organizing them.”

Each book that is available has been designed alongside professionals in that particular field to ensure everything you need is there to get you through every project.

Photo Credit: @abookforthat
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That
Photo Credit: @abookforthat

TPR: ” How do you want to impact the stationery industry?”

O. Ottner: ” Simply put, world domination.”

TPR: ” What have you learned so far on your journey?”

O. Ottner: ” A lot. Working for clients and working on for your own product is so different, oh boy.

We’ve always been strong in producing, lessons learned here are more on the negotiation side of things.”

TPR: ” Where can people buy your products?”

O. Ottner: ” For now, it’s an online business. We’re working on an Amazon release in late Feb 18.”

Photo Credit: @abookforthat
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That
Photo Credit: There’s a Book for That

TPR: ” Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their stationery company?”

O. Ottner: ” You’d better have an exceptional idea. There’s no space for me-too products, we’re sure about that.”

TPR: ” Where can we find more information about your company and what are your social media’s?”

O. Ottner: ” That’s easy”






We appreciate There’s a Book for That participating in this interview. The Paper Review aims to  bring you insight from companies in the industry and give voice to their products.

We hope you enjoyed this interview segment and were able to take from it for your own inspiration.

A special thanks to Oliver of There’s a Book for That for speaking to us.

For more information on There’s a Book for That, please visit the above links. You will be able to purchase items and stay up on what the company is doing with their latest products!


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