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Interview with Salina Uppal of Project3 Designs

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Salina Uppal of Project3 Designs in India. Project3 Designs is a company specializing in designing, branding, wedding stationery, corporate stationery and custom gifts & home decor. The Paper Review is excited to share with you some inspiration and insight from such a beautiful stationery company. To learn more about Salina Uppal’s journey with Project3 Designs, keep reading!

Photo Credit: @project3.designs

TPR: “Tell us a little about your brand and the products you offer.”

SU: ” Project3. Designs is my dream venture. I am a lover of all things pretty and so I wanted to start something where I can add to the already existing prettiness.

Services we offer – Wedding stationery, logo designing, corporate and personal stationery, branding, package design and social media marketing for brands and start-ups.”

TPR: ” How did your brand get started? ”

SU: ” Stationery has always been my first love and wedding stationery did not fall far behind. I’m a single person start-up. A digital marketer by education & a graphic designer by passion. I am a self-taught designer and I love creating beautiful things for my friends and clients.  When I was looking for my own wedding cards, I couldn’t find one decent suite that fit my budget. That’s how Project3.Designs came into being.”

Photo Credit: @project3.designs

TPR: ” Why are you passionate about stationery?”

SU: ” As a little girl, I used to write a lot. My journal was my best friend and still is. I loved collecting journals and notebooks, pens, pencils, paints, stationery kits. I have more than 100 journals (used and unused both). I’m obsessed. My family and close friends know that they have to buy the prettiest of journals for me when they go travelling. I’ve always been passionate about stationery, I just always wanted to connect it to my career as well, and here I am.”

TPR: “In your opinion, why is it important to keep physical stationery goods thriving in a digital world?”

SU: ” Memories. An Instagram post won’t last for more than 20 seconds, and you’ll forget about the last one as soon as you have the next one up on your feed. Physical stationery goods are there to keep, forever. I still have my journals which I wrote when I was a kid. Going back to them and reading them is always such a delight.”

Photo Credit: @project3.designs

TPR: “What have you learned so far on your journey? ”

SU: ” Create happiness, for yourself and for your clients. Give them what they want within their budget and per their liking. No one should have boring wedding invites or logos or personal stationery :)”

TPR: ” Where can people buy your products? ”

SU: ” We are on Instagram and Facebook. Head on over, DM or email us and we’ll get back to you.”

TPR: “Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their stationery company?”

SU: “Too soon to give any advice, still learning the tricks of the trade. However, just one thing, be kind and courageous, it goes a long way.”

TPR: “Where can we find more information about your company and what are your social media’s?”

SU: Instagram

I hope you enjoyed this interview segment with Salina Uppal as much as we did! Our vision for The Paper Review is to not only be the source for all things stationery, but to be a source of inspiration for anyone who comes across this platform. We will continue to bring you stories  that uplift.

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Thanks for reading and sharing!



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