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I am extremely excited to talk about this stationery company today! I have finally found stationery products that speak to the minimalist that is me in every way possible! I’ll explain…just keep reading!


For so many reasons, I believe in the importance of simplicity. Not only does keeping it simple keep me more focused on the important stuff, but it also allows me to get shit done.
That being said, I bring to you today a new favorite of mine, akrDesignStudio. Like many other brands, these products first caught my eye on the wonderful world of Instagram.

Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com

akrDesignStudio was started by illustrator Akiko K. Ruiz.  The amazingly talented stationery designer, designs everything by hand. Her passion for illustration and calligraphy led her to the stationery world and I for one couldn’t be more thankful!

Photo Cred: Instagram.com/akrdesignstudio

I love when companies, of any kind, break the mold and really allow their personality to speak through their products. I also love when a product can speak to my personal style, literally.
akrDesignStudio offers enamel pins, cards, notepads and wall art. Each expressing the minimalism I relate to!

Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com

Let’s not forget my personal favorite, Planners!!
I love a planner that is undated and doesn’t have too much design on the inside. That minimal feel ya know?
Undated planners are my favorite because if I love it but it’s mid year, I can still purchase it without feeling like I’ve lost value.
A clean interior of a planner is also very important to me because I don’t want to be distracted by other noise such as too many colors, stickers etc. I’ve found with my Peony Planner that a more simple day to day layout is perfect for me to get the most out of my days.

Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com
Photo Cred: akrdesignstudio.com

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please be sure to check out akrDesignStudio online!
For more about Akiko K. Ruiz check out her interview with Lisa-Marie!
Be sure to follow them on Instagram!
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What stationery brand speaks to your personal style and helps you be the most productive? Leave a comment below!!
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