National Stationery Show 2018 – New York




Whether you were launching your new product line, buying beautiful products to add to your store inventory or a company who was exhibiting for the 40th year this was the place to be for the stationery industry!

Kelly Bristol – NSS Show Director

I was fortunate enough to attend #nss2018 and sit with the amazing show director, Kelly Bristol where we talked everything stationery. Kelly shared with me what makes the National Stationery Show so different from any other trade show.

During my interview with Kelly, she mentioned how the show is filled with creators who are ‘the minds behind the products” and retailers who are “the minds behind the store” which shows just how passionate people are about these products. Another key point Kelly mentioned was how designs on paper transfer to designs in other industries such as wallpaper, fashion and more!

“This industry is actually deciding it”.

The National Stationery Show welcomes those who are new to the stationery industry as well. As Kelly mentioned, exhibitors can come in as designers who haven’t sold anything yet and leave with much more knowledge of working with retailers, their demographics, shipping and what it takes to stay in business.


With around 750 exhibitors and over 200 “emerging, trend-leading businesses” , retailers are sure to find the right products to host in their stores. Retailers should expect to see greeting cards, desk accessories, notebooks, pens, journals, tea towels, cups, phone cases and so much more!

I was able to speak with so many amazing brands. Some of which have been doing this for years and others who were launching their business at the stationery show debuting their products for the very first time.

In my upcoming videos, you’ll be able to see a lot of the brands I was able to work with. Some of them even shared a little bit of their stories with The Paper Review.

Some of the brands we spoke to:

  1. The Happiness Planner

  2. Hadron Epoch

  3. Ash + Chess

  4. Write to Me Stationery

  5. Violet Flamingo

  6. I AM Lester

  7. Werkhaus

  8. Bewaltz

  9. Chit Chat Collection

  10. We Love Sundays

A little more about the show

The National Stationery Show is the only stationery market in North America, so you can only imagine how much of a big deal this expo is! The show runs for four consecutive days from 10am until 6pm. There is a brand for every demographic and design style making this one of the most unique shows there is.

Each exhibitor, buyer and working press member has the chance to organize and plan out their days to meet with brands that fit their product style and trust me, there is something for everyone!

What’s next?

Over the next week, I will be posting a YouTube video telling you my full experience and showing some footage from the actual show.

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As always, thanks for reading and sharing!

XOXO – Jessica

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