Say “HEY. HELLO. HI.” with The Completist

The colors, the Memphis design, the terrazzo prints, I just can’t get enough of stationery brand The Completist!

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Over the last few months I have completely fell in love with Memphis design not only in the stationery industry, but the fashion and interior design world as well. As mentioned in my National Stationery Recap by Kelly Bristol, the stationery industry is a heavy influence on what goes on in other industries.

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You could very well see a texture and color palette on a greeting card that you will eventually see on the runway and even as design inspiration for next seasons cooking ware at Target.

I came across The Completist and Instantly fell in love with the colors and the designs of their beautiful products.

The brand was started by Jana and Marko in South East London in 2017. Their products, ranging from wrapping paper to greeting cards, are made from FSC certified paper and biodegradable film bags.

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What I love most about this brand is the choice of color and how it complements the terrazzo and Memphis texture. It’s fun, it’s modern and it’s stylish!

Next time you want to say “HEY. HELLO. HI.” or give a gift and birthday card, be sure to look up The Completist.

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