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I have been battling with myself for the last few months trying to make a life transition into becoming a minimalist. I find that with clutter comes anxiety which comes with a whole lot of other things no one wants to deal with. My journey to minimalism has included getting rid of clothes, bags and shoes. If I haven’t reached for you all season, it’s time for you to go! Being a minimalist, in my opinion, also consists of cleaning out your daily tools. This includes your phone, purse, and you guessed it, your planner!!
 Photo Credit: @simplifiedplanner
Having a minimalist state of mind, naturally I am going to gravitate towards things that assist me with making my life more simple. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner Collection makes planning easy and straight to the point, exactly how I like it. Emily Ley started her brand in 2008 and has had much success. Her collection includes daily and weekly planners as well as a rare men’s edition. The collection also includes paper clips, pens, stickers, washi tape, mini notebooks, page markers, books and so much more!
 I love planning my days by hours. I believe I mentioned this in a previous blog stating that a girl like me needs to account for every hour of everyday if I’m going to get anything done. That’s what makes this Simplified Planner so perfect. It includes an hourly schedule from 6am to 9pm which, as a mom of a toddler, is the heart of my days. This planner also includes full month views with one day per page which is my go-to option when selecting a planner. If I see too many days on one page, I become overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to do in a week as opposed to just one day.
Photo Credit: @simplifiedplanner
The Simplified Planner is perfect for the simplified girl…or guy! 
Wanna shop this planner? Visit Emily Ley’s website or click this link to find retailers in your state that offer her products! Follow the Simplified Planner Instagram for updates and product posts!
 As always, thanks for reading!
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