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Around this time last year, I wrote about one of my favorite stationery brands, Yoobi! Being that we are just one month away from back to school shopping, I thought I’d drop a back to school gem and talk more about what’s new with

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If you didn’t catch my last blog about Yoobi, you missed the part about it being my favorite school supply brand and here’s why! Not only is this brand affordable and found at my favorite store ever, Target, but for every item you buy, an item is donated to one of your local schools. I am all for anything that has to do with giving back!
I knew Yoobi created unique, fun and colorful school supplies but while shopping at Target two days ago, I noticed their brand in the luggage department. I had no idea Yoobi designed backpacks! This only makes sense with them being a huge stationery company that specializes in school supplies for kids. What makes their backpacks stand out even more is the cute iron on labels you can purchase to customize your kid’s backpack.

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Along with the new backpacks and iron on labels, Yoobi has brilliantly followed the coloring book trend and created a composition notebook with a coloring book cover. I am constantly amazed by their new releases every year. I thought this was an amazing idea and unlike anything I’ve seen before!

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All this month we will be bringing you our favorite brands for back to school shopping! It’s never too early for stationery!
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