Paper, Pens and Phone Cases Oh My!

Aside from stationery, my most hoarded product is phone cases! I am completely obsessed with them. In fact, I have a whole list of qualifications the case must meet before I’ll buy it. I get so excited when I find out about a stationery company and as I browse their website I realize they sell phone cases too. A company with both stationery and phone cases pretty much has me wrapped around their finger.
I have done plenty of phone case reviews on Amazon, eBay and other websites which I’m learning is another one of my passions. I thought as an intruduction to adding phone case reviews to my blog, I’d start off with a list of my favorite stationery companies that offer beautiful unique cases you are bound to love!
I mentioned this company in my Give Something Sweet blog and honestly had no idea they offered such beautiful unique phone cases. Sugar Paper not only has beautiful planners and other stationery items that can be found on Amazon and in Target, but you can top off your edgy office look by using your phone for business calls and emails in style!

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I first learned about Rifle Paper Co. selling phone cases when I was working as a bank teller. I have this weird thing about noticing people’s phone cases and if I like them I’m not afraid to ask them where they got it! That’s what happened. The person I was helping told me she got it from Rifle Paper Co. and it turns out she was just as much a stationery and phone case addict as me. Rifle Paper Co. has designs that are right up my alley!

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If you have followed my blog for a while you know how much I’m in love with Target. I’m constantly there in the bag section, picking out toddler clothes and yes looking at phone cases. This is where I first saw products by Dabney Lee. Her phone cases are brilliant as she sell’s the cases with a portable phone charger. I’m also in love with the geometrical trend that has been seen in the stationery world and was pleased to find an array of options on her website!

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