Stationery Gifts for Special Occasions

With the holidays quickly coming around, I am starting to get into gift giving mode. Being a newfound minimalist, I decided to only give gifts that add value or create experiences for my loved ones. This made me think of the different occasions where stationery can be the perfect gift.
1. Graduation parties. Planners and thank you cards are perfect gifts for this occasion that many people probably don’t think about. I know growing up, any event I had my mom would always make sure I sent out thank you cards to the attendees. Why not give the new graduate the nicest thank you cards to share with their guests! Planners are also good for these occasions because most graduates are either continuing their education or getting an amazing job in their field both in which they needs to stay organized!
2. Bridal and Baby Showers. As a bride or new mom there are plenty of things on your plate to get done. Having a planner is essential for wedding planning and detrimental for moms to keep up with appointments, games and life in general. Thank you cards are also good for these occasions too.
Another way to add value to someone’s life through gift giving could be offering to get the invitations for your loved ones event. This is something that would have to be paid for anyway or if you’re a designer this is the perfect time to showcase your talents!
Below I have listed just a few of my favorite thank you cards, invitations and planners that I think would be amazing gifts!
Invitations and Thank You Cards
Pink Elephant Events  
Holly Casto
Help of Honor this company also offers accessories such as jewelry and phone cases!
Cameron Street Agenda
I hope this post has been helpful in helping you give the gift of stationery all year round!
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Thanks for reading and sharing!
-XOXO Jessica

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