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9A81BAB8-7AA1-480C-ABFE-2F66D3E90C37At one point or another we all hit a wall where we think nothing is working out in our favor. Whether someone tells us what we are doing isn’t good enough and won’t work or we beat ourselves up with self doubt because of our own insecurities and overwhelming thoughts of competition.
Stationery is a busy business. There are tons of talented creators but I’m here to tell you there’s no one like you. One thing that draws me into stationery is the abundance of brilliant designs that are available. Each product more different than the next. Once you determine what you want and find your creative niche nothing can stand in your way!
When I’m feeling a little off and need a pick me up to remind myself everything will be ok, I like to read success stories. Reading about people who have been successful with something I’m so passionate about only leaves me feeling inspired and motivated to keep pushing.
Here are a couple inspirational stories I have read that incorporate how a “no” or setback can become a dream come true!
Chelsea Shukov, cofounder of Sugar Paper ,was told no by J. Crew and five years later has a partnership with them!
Lauren Shuttleworth is the founder of Words With Heart,  an eco print and stationery enterprise for the good! Her products help girls fund their educational needs. Learn how Lauren combined her passion for giving and stationery here!
I hope these articles are inspirational and help you stay on your path to success however you define it!
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Thank you for reading and sharing!
-XOXO Jessica

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