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In December, I wrote about The Peony Planner made by The Happiness Planner and as promised here is the full review! In this post I will break down each section of the planner and point out my favorite aspects. If you are interested in reading my review on The Peony Planner keep scrolling for more. If you’d rather watch my unboxing video, head on over to YouTube now!

The Binder

I’ll start the review by talking about the binder. If you read my post about the planner in December or watched my unboxing video, you know this was the only thing on my Christmas list. I ended up getting the black planner with the rose gold hardware. The planner is made of vegan leather which I am absolutely in support of. There’s a magnetic closure that, in the case of my planner, is lined with rose gold hardware. The closure is very durable and looks so chic opposed to a classic button or zipper closure.
When you open The Peony Planner, the cover flap lays flat however the closure flap stays folded. Despite the closure flap not laying flat, I don’t find it hard to write on the inserts. I will explain how I get around this in the insert section of this post.
The interior of the planner is just as beautiful and clean with it’s black and rose gold elegance. The six rings are rose gold and there is a rose gold foiled Happiness Planner logo on the inside cover flap. The inside cover includes three slots and a pocket as well as a pen loop.
Overall I am in love with the binder itself and the color choice that The Happiness Planner decided on for the design for 2018.

Inserts and Accessories

If you’re anything like me, this section will be your favorite part. The good Stuff!


The Peony Planner comes with worksheets to get your ready for the new year.
The worksheets include:

  • My goals
  • Previous year reflection
  • Current/coming year vision board
  • Change a habit in 30 days
  • My bucket list
  • In current/coming year I will…
  • My New Year’s resolutions

I made it a point to get these worksheets done before the first of the year (I worked on them until 11:50pm New Year’s Eve). I do feel the worksheets propelled me into 2018 feeling more confident about making a difference this year. I have a clearer vision of what I want out of this year and how to set goals a make plans to get there.


The Peony Planner comes with inserts that include the following:

  • “Create your happiness roadmap” exercise
  • Yearly Overview (Monday start)
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Plan: Goals, Happy Things I Will Do, and Positive Self-Talk
  • Dated One Day Per Page Diary
  • Daily Inspirational Quotes
  • Daily “Today I’m Excited About”
  • Daily Main Focus
  • Daily Meals & Exercise
  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily To-Dos
  • Daily Reflection and Positive Thinking
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Space for notes
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Yearly Reflection

It was really cool doing the exercises included on the first few inserts, as it was pretty much a self assessment. Coming into the new year, I decided to live a more happy, conscience and purposeful life so these exercises guided me in seeing my strengths and things I need to work on. The 29 rules to live by for a happier more fulfilling life is by far my favorite insert and truly eye opening.
Each month starts off with a monthly spread and a monthly plan. This gave me a moment to focus exactly on things I wanted to accomplish in my personal and work life. It gave me the opportunity to look forward to something and that something is growth!
The daily inserts are by far my favorite template I have ever used for a daily planner. Each day starts off with a motivational quote at the top, and so far each one has spoken to me in ways I felt like they were created just for me and that’s a big deal.
The daily page includes the following sections:

  • Today I’m excited about
  • Exercises
  • Main focus
  • Meals
  • Schedule
  • To-dos
  • Notes
  • Good things about today
  • What I’m grateful for
  • What I hope for tomorrow

I am a minimalist so having a clean straight to the point layout like this is so beneficial. The sections are already prompted and set up to ensure you have a productive positive day. I also wanted to mention how I get around writing on the pages with the flap not laying flat. I simply tuck the flap under the stack of inserts and write on top of it, or I take the sheet out and write on my clipboard.
There are also six rose gold dividers to section off each month. You won’t be able to fit all twelve months in the binder at once, so I keep the last half of the month stored in the beautiful box the planner came in. If you would like to see it, check out my unboxing video!


Included in the box is:

  • A pen that matches the hardware on the planner of your choice.
  • Binder clips that match the hardware on the planner of your choice.
  • Stickers

The pen has become my favorite writing utensil. It writes very smooth and makes it easier to write for someone like me who has horrible penmanship. The pen even comes with it’s own dose of positivity with a quote reading “believe in yourself”.
The binder clips are beautiful although I haven’t used them yet and the stickers are packed with uplifting and inspiring quotes there to remind you to live in the most positive way.

How I feel about the planner

I have to say this is the best planner I have ever had. The look and feel are unmatched and the quality of everything included is worth every penny. I believe in standing by and delivering on your product and The Happiness Planner has done just that.
A fun fact I figured out while writing this review is that The Happiness Planner now has an app that you can use in conjunction with your physical planner. I’ll do a separate review on the app!
The only thing I wish, is that I knew of last years colors! I believe I’ll get the mint with lavender just to have something for the spring and summer. If I do, I’ll be sure to do a review on it!

Thank you so much for reading!
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– Jessica

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