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As a kid, my favorite part about going to a party was the goodie bag you got at the end. I loved seeing what toys and candy were included. Now there are subscription boxes offered from so many companies across so many industries and it’s like a monthly goodie bag…for adults.

Today, The Paper Review is going to talk about a stationery company that embodies giving back and delivering on beautiful standout products, Papergang.
One of the biggest things we love are companies that give back in some capacity. I know you see this in almost every blog of ours, however it’s really important to us to help others in any way we can.
Papergang has figured out their unique amazing way to give back that is really a game changer! For every 4 boxes sold, Papergang plants a tree in association with TREE AID, a charity that “helps people from the drylands of Africa lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment “. By planting these trees that provide fruits and nuts, the villagers are not only provided with food to eat but, also a means of income.
These trees provide occupations which in turn provide funds for children’s healthcare and education.
For roughly $15 a month (depending on shipping for where you live, we are based in the U.S.) you will not only help the people of Africa as well as the environment, you get some pretty kick-ass stationery too!
For starters the packaging and product design changes every month! Just take a second…or five to check out some previous months designs.
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The stationery and packaging are designed by illustrators from all around the world as well as Papergang’s in house designers.

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The subscription boxes include notebooks, notepads, washi tape, rulers, pens, pencil bags (takes a breath) stickers and more!
Enjoy 50% off your first box when you subcribe now.
Be sure to visit Papergang online!
To stay up to date on their latest releases, be sure to follow Papergang on Instagram!

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