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From planners to notebooks, cardholders and luggage tags, LetterNote is sure to bring joy to you and your loved ones lives.
LetterNote was founded by Anisha and Gurpreet and is all about good vibes and joyful living. Their manifesto speaks even more to what LetterNote believes in which has left us in a kickass mindset here at The Paper Review and in awe of everything that is their brand!
Here’s a taste of just some of their head turning designs.
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That’s not all they have. While your at it, check out lifestyle gifts like coasters, card holders, fridge magnets and more!
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I don’t know about you but my stationery usually determines how productive I am. I have to write everything down when making my daily plans and tackling goals.
Having afirmations and positivity surrounding me is a must and with LetterNote, it doesn’t get anymore straight forward than this.
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