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Purposely Design Life: Reach Your Goals in 90 Days

Ever feel like you have way too many goals to accomplish? Ever feel like your "planning" for accomplishing those goals is all over the place? Well The Paper Review has come across the perfect match to your problem! The Inspired Action Planner, 90 days to release your goals, by Purposely Design Life is a great… Continue reading Purposely Design Life: Reach Your Goals in 90 Days

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February Favorites 2018

It's the end of February and I'm rounding up my favorite stationery items! I usually have an issue with buying stationery items and not knowing what to do with them other than admire the beautiful deigns, but this month, everything I've used has a purpose. In this article, I'll mention my favorite planner, journal, pen,… Continue reading February Favorites 2018


Whats in my Work Bag

Today I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve always enjoyed “What’s in my bag” videos so this morning before I started working I filmed a quick vlog style video. If you would like to see what’s in my work bag and the planner I’m currently using, visit my YouTube channel! Thank you for your… Continue reading Whats in my Work Bag